Review: The Librarians 109 and the City of Lights

22 Jan

I’ll stick this at the top, since it might get lost in the ramble. I think this ep and the finale are possibly two of the best episodes yet. Both full of amazing, painful, heart breaking stories, and yet still ending on warm, hopeful and even happy notes, without feeling … clichéd. Thank you John Rogers & Jeremy Bernstein so much for that.

Warning, there will be spoilers and the assumption that you have already seen this, and the previous episodes.vlcsnap-2015-01-20-13h05m47s197

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Body Language, Actors and male viewers.

15 Jan

My thoughts and opinions, in which I started talking about a thing, which kinda became another thing and got slightly ranty on the way through.


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Social Media Behaviour for Fandom/Celebrity interactions.

24 Dec

A brief guide to how to play nice with Celebrities on Social Media.

Ok, so I had a recent twitter interaction that left me a little sad. Constantine is a new fandom, so I suppose I should expect this, but sometimes it feels like people really forget that the people on the other side of the screen, are humans too. With rights, expectations and deserving of some basic human decency.

So I decided to write up a reminder/refresher list for fandom intersection with the cast & crew of your favourite shows, since it appears some people have forgotten a few things about online interaction.


Constantine NBC Banner

Constantine Banner

Short run down on what prompt this interaction.

Seeing an actor&producer on twitter have to politely turn down a fans request, and that fan continue to beg. Their friend then got in on the act, and both refuse to realise that their continued begging was amounting to harassment. Then trying to guilt trip said crew members for not responding. Or then finding anything wrong with their behaviour.

  1. 1: DON’T harass the cast and crew by spamming them repeatedly with requests for contact or @replies.
  1. DO ask politely if you have a query, feel free to repeat after a short duration if you don’t get a reply, but stay polite and civil. If you don’t get a reply after a few attempts, you should consider giving up, or trying again later.
  1. DONT then attempt to use guilt trips when said begging doesn’t work. No really, the moment you stoop to using emotional blackmail as a method of attaining your goal, your going to loose any credibility!
  1. DO remember to thank them for any replies or attention you do receive and remember they have busy lives for their own.
  1. DON’T justify said begging as trying to “save” the show.

Again the cast and crew already have full time jobs and lives, they are under exactly NO obligation to interact with their fans via social media. The fact they do should be considered a privilege, not a right And it’s also a privilege which can be withdrawn at any time.

  1. If you need to ask the cast & crew about an idea, either you haven’t done your homework or the idea is bad and you shouldn’t go ahead with it. If you *neeed* their feedback then you’re not looking for feedback, so much as attention and or justification. If you want to create a site to help the show, then do your homework, look up the legal details which will usually be somewhere and build it.
  1. Sure as Hell don’t use the fact you’re a fan to justify your bad behaviour! If you can’t extend a basic amount of common sense, human decency and professional respect then yes I will call you out and point out your juvenile behaviour, because only a child expects that their words and action won’t have any consequences.
  1. “Freedom of Speech? My Rights, Blah, blah, blah.” Being called out on your bad behaviour is Not being censored. Your right to speak is followed by your right to cop the consequences to opening your mouth and vocalising your ideas. This will range from people agreeing with you, to people telling you you’re an idiot, to all the points in between. This is not censorship. This is the basic rule of law that actions have consequences, and someone disagreeing with you is Not.

The cast & crew are human beings who are taking to twitter on their own time to promote the show. They are under no obligation to respond to fans and they are most certainly Not obliged to give you their attention. If they are responding to fans, there are many reasons why you may have been missed:

  1. They may not have seen your reply in the hundreds of @messages that get sent to them by other fans.
  2. With before mentioned deluge of tweets at them, they may not find your message interesting or different enough to warrant a reply. With all the 100s if not 1000s of messages they receive it’s unrealistic to expect a reply to every Message they are sent and they only have so much attention and or energy to spend with this.
  3. Your message may not be something they feel comfortable in replying to.
  4. Your message may not be something they can reply to. Links to fanfic or certain kinds of art maybe forbidden by legal contract and law. For instance most show runners/writers won’t go anywhere near fanfic. Not because they may not like it, but because they are under legal obligation not to read any. This prevents a fan standing up and saying “plot a” is based of My “plot B” and I know the writer was visiting/ reading my fanfic toon previously. And giving a shows lawyers a heart attack.

Also not all artists want to see graphic pornography involving themselves and someone they work with.


I repeat, you are NOT entitled to demand the attention of any cast & crew, and doing so may result in the last thing you want, where said cast & crew *cease* interacting with fandom at all.

When in doubt, follow the Wheaton rule and ‘Don’t be a Dick!’



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The Interrogation Part XI

22 Mar




Things are definitely getting steamy between Reese and Donnelly.

Rating: MA Graphic sex scenes M/M Reese/Donnelly

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The Interrogation Part X

21 Mar


Donnelly’s intention may outstrip his capabilities in some regard.

Rating: MA – M/M Reese/Donnelly Graphic sexual content ahoy!

You have been warned.

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The Interrogation Part IV

21 Mar



A moment of downtime and now a wounded Donnelly is alone with Reese.

Rating: PG  – so far  Reese/Donnelly AU

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The Interrogation Part VIII

21 Mar



A moment of downtime and now a wounded Donnelly is alone with Reese.

Rating: PG  – so far  Reese/Donnelly AU

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Memories of Mexico.

15 Mar
John Reese (Jim Caviezel) from Person of Interest

John Reese (Jim Caviezel) from Person of Interest

Another snapshot of Reese in a rare moment of peace at the end of the day, and how some memories are always waiting to ambush you.

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What’s in a home?

6 Mar

Inspired by this image.

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Something wicked this way comes ..I Want…

6 Mar

Blame Shoetingstar, she gave me bad ideas. };D

Don’t read this if you don’t like somewhat explicit, or blatantly raw and sensual sexy fun times.

I’ve written this vaguely male specific…but not character specific other than the above pic.

If you want to imagine someone else, feel free to let your imagination run wild…I know I do.

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